New Year, New Nerd!

Don’t forget that the geeky part of you needs love and attention too.

Around here at Geekasaurus, we are ALL about exploring and learning about the nerdy things that move us and spark our imaginations. Everyone is at least a little nerdy about something. Maybe you’re a knitting freak, a history buff, a tea enthusiast, a level 110 worgen Warlock with a 966 item level – it doesn’t matter to us what you’re nerdy about; just that you have that passion for something that makes your whole world light up.

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We’ve all been there. Somehow life finds a way to steamroll us into oblivion (and I don’t mean the good Elder Scrolls kind).  Each day becomes a monotonous series of events and tasks that need to be completed before we’re through, doomed to continue on replay over and over and over again.  It’s exhausting.  We don’t live in the zombie apocalypse (yet), but when our lives become a matter of surviving we forget why the frak we’re living … and that’s a problem.

Neglecting an aspect of ourselves is still neglect.  Fellow Geekasaurs, I don’t want any of you to neglect the things that make you light up inside.  That ooey-gooey deep in your soul nerdy core is a part of you that deserves to flourish. It makes you, YOU.  It’s something that we all should be celebrating.

January at Geekasaurus is NerdCare month.  What is NerdCare?  It’s a type of self-care where we embrace those things that make our hearts explode as a way to balance our emotional, mental, and physical needs.  Anything that you’re excited about matters, and I want 2018 to be the year that you boldly go where no nerd has gone before – treat your love of geeky pursuits as an important part of your life and not just a hobby that you can pick up or put down whenever it is demanded of you.  Because the truth is, your happiness matters.

I’m going on a journey of exploration.  I’m spending my entire month of January looking for great ways to help nurture that inner nerd. I’ll be trying everything from playing games to pushing my limits with a geektastic workout.  I’ll cook up some Hobbit inspired recipes, dive back into hobbies that I haven’t dusted off in ages, and I even have plans to rope my husband and daughter in on the fun.  Are you ready to get nerdy about NerdCare?

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So, what’s with these NerdCare 101 Infographics?  They’re my gift to you, specially forged in the fires of Mordor to help give you that UMPH towards nurturing your nerdiness.  They include ideas, tips, and tricks on how to care for that geeky side of yourself, and they feature your favorite Geekasaurus characters!  Well … Wayne, Alice, and I … because we are the characters … anywho, that’s not the point!  The point is that I’ve painstakingly put together a whole slew of NerdCare ideas, illustrated them, and am going to send them to you.  All I need is an email address to get started.

**** I promise that I won’t fill up your inbox with a bunch of junk that you have to sift through every day.  Seriously.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  I don’t like having to do it on my end so I know that you don’t want to do it on your end either.  Maybe a newsletter a week and an occasional special offer if I have one is all you’ll get from me.  What I want is the opportunity to share with you all the quirky moments and cool experiences that I keep scooping up every day. You’ll get funny stories, useful lessons, access to special content, invite-only exclusives, and you’ll get to learn all the juicy tidbits before anyone else.

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