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Geekasaurus is a silly little comic about a geeky family. Specifically, my geeky family, and all the antics and hijinks of my daughter. You'll read along as we go on adventure after adventure, documenting the unexpected chuckles (and sometimes hard truths) along the way. As my husband and I learn to navigate being new parents, I'll be sharing the hilarity, one comic at a time.

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I knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later. The comic is late and will probably not be posted until tomorrow (Thursday). 🙁  Alice has been going through an “I only want Mum” phase, a “say no to naps” phase, and an “I want to be held all the time” phase. In Dinosaur, this translates to “RrrawwwwwAAAAAARRRRRaaaaaahWAHHHHHHehehAAAAAA!”

In the meantime, check out this awesome Facebook post by The American Heart Association – New Hampshire. They decided to share one of my comics. Specifically, they shared the one about learning about Alice’s heart defect, A Hole Lotta Love. I hope that by sharing this comic with other parents who may be going through the same thing, they will feel like they are not alone.


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