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Geekasaurus is a silly little comic about a geeky family. Specifically, my geeky family, and all the antics and hijinks of my daughter. You'll read along as we go on adventure after adventure, documenting the unexpected chuckles (and sometimes hard truths) along the way. As my husband and I learn to navigate being new parents, I'll be sharing the hilarity, one comic at a time.

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It’s a holiday, and I’m probably super busy rushing around being fussy about food and getting frustrated by the state of my kitchen while Wayne taps away on his laptop and Alice jumps up and down in her bouncy thing. It’s pretty much guaranteed that everything will taste delicious and I will be too exhausted to eat a whole lot. I’ll leave someone else to do the cleaning up while I sneak off to binge-watch Stranger Things. We’ll try to play a board game at some point before the day is over and we’ll talk about how we should play board games on a regular basis, even though we both know that we don’t have as much time as we would like. Then Alice will fight the sleep despite being extremely tired. She’ll cry a bunch in a whiny way and rub her tiny eyes with her tiny fists. I will also be tired and want to do this too. We’ll finally get her to bed after midnight, at which point I’ll be hungry and want to eat cold stuffing and cranberry sauce from the container in the fridge.

Because holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!

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