It’s a Real Job

I’ve never loved my job in the way that I love this one. My first job was at a game store. I played, recommended, and sold board and card games for 10 years. I was good at it too. By the time I left, I was training new employees and running a small business as if it were second nature. I had played probably hundreds of different games (or more) and I had a knack for matching people up to games that they would fall in love with. I put high expectations on myself and worked my hardest to meet them. And I really liked it too. But it wasn’t sustainable. Once I became an adult I couldn’t afford to live off of part-time hours and low wages.

So then I took job after job that helped me pay bills. I didn’t love those jobs, although I loved aspects of them. Waking up in the morning slightly (and sometimes completely) dreading going to work was taking a huge toll on me. I lived for my non-working hours so that I could do the things that I was passionate about – painting, writing, and drawing. Those creative parts of life have always been my reason for waking up every day.

And then I couldn’t do it anymore.

The funny thing about doing a job that you love is that, somehow, you find a way to make it work. I’m finding a way to make writing, art, and cartooning financially viable. For example, putting Geekasauruson GeekMom was a big step for me. I’ve also taken a few commissions and I submit short stories to publications on a regular basis. I’ve taught classes. I sell art prints sometimes. I’ve designed logos and built websites. I’ll be having a booth for the first time at a local maker fest. Each of these things gets me one step closer to my goal.

I still have a part-time job that pulls in a paycheck. I work with adults with developmental disabilities through a local non-profit. Some days that means running art classes and other days it means setting them up for success as they volunteer at a thrift shop or build friendships at bowling club. I get to see my no-filters-necessary mom friend/sister-from-another-mister on a weekly basis, which helps with my sanity and forces me to leave the house once in a while.

It takes time to build a business (because that’s exactly what I am doing) but I keep stumbling across the next perfect opportunity, as if the universe is telling me, “Here’s what you need now. Go ahead. Take it.” I work just as hard as I did at every other job I’ve ever had. I’m harder on myself than any other boss. I push myself more than I have pushed any other employee. And working from home has its own unique challenges now that I have a child to simultaneously look after.

Even my worst days are amazing days. The parts that I hate the most are things that I can do something about. Feeling a little bit isolated working from home? I can take my iPad downtown and meet up with a writing friend who is probably working at a coffee shop somewhere. My website is looking kinda meh? Good thing I have the skills to make it sparkle again. The Dinosaur can only be soothed by mommy today? Well, my hours are flexible so I suppose I can finish up that project after she goes to bed.

My someday dream is to have built my business so that I can support my family on the income. I’m able to pay a few small bills now with my creative endeavors. There’s still hospital bills to pay off and the house needs fixing. Little by little this dream of running my own creative business is taking shape. Everything that I’ve experienced up until this point has prepared me for self-employment. I’m finally on the path that I was meant to be on all along – the path to happiness.

Say Rawr!

Geekasaurus is a silly little comic about a geeky family. Specifically, my geeky family, and all the antics and hijinks of my daughter. You’ll read along as we go on adventure after adventure, documenting the unexpected chuckles (and sometimes hard truths) along the way. As my husband and I learn to navigate being new parents, I’ll be sharing the hilarity, one comic at a time.

Kali Moulton

Look At Us, All Making Friends and Whatnot


#ReasonMyKidIsCrying – Treats

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Happy Anniversary

I have the best husband. (I'm sure your significant other is fabulous too, but this isn't about your anniversary, it's about mine.) Wayne took Alice and me out to a mini donut shop in Maine for breakfast called Wicked Mini Donuts and they were...

Repoccurring Nightmare

A lot of people have asked me if Wayne and I are financially okay after reading this comic on GeekMom. They're very concerned friends and family members and I love them all so much (I love YOU all so much). The short answer is, yes. We'll be okay....

Bad Parenting Tips: Episode 2

Alice has 8 teeth. She’s currently cutting another 3 or 4. Naps are short. Bedtime is a minefield of tears and laughter. All day long it’s the same song; pained and tired whining of a little girl who only wants to play with Mum’s hot coffee and...

Supermom Bra

I am gifted with comic ideas every day. Most of the time, I am able to write them down in detail. This lets me revisit the idea weeks, or even months into the future long after the moment has passed. And other times, when I’m half asleep and need...

It’s a Real Job

I’ve never loved my job in the way that I love this one. My first job was at a game store. I played, recommended, and sold board and card games for 10 years. I was good at it too. By the time I left, I was training new employees and running a small...

Get In!

This week’s Geekasaurus is brought to you a day late by mom brain. Mom brain – it’s what makes Tuesday feel like any other day except Tuesday so that you miss your deadline … Anywho … Alice is a toddler and apparently, this means that she needs to...

Deep Thought

The tiny Dinosaur is talkative. She has around 25 words now. The latest addition to her vocabulary is “outside” as of yesterday. She babbles nonstop telling story after story. I’m consistently amazed at how quickly she picks things up. It makes me...


I have a daredevil child and I’m sick. All I want is to sleep it off with Sudafed and Aleve but work-from-home parents don’t get sick days. I wasn’t sure if I would even get this comic finished in time. Somehow I managed to push through anyway. Now...

#WorldsOkayestMom – Lunch

I thought I was going to be one of those moms. The mom that makes the cool lunch with the awesomely geeky themed food items. I know, my kid is only 1 year old, so it’s not like it matters that much if she gets dinosaur sandwiches. I’m a creative...

A Valentine Comic

It’s the Dinosaur’s first Valentine’s Day! Yay! And I am determined to make it a love filled day of wonderful-ness. I have a small budget, a messy house, a clingy Alice, and my father-in-law is home all day ... Challenge accepted. Wayne’s coming home for lunch and...

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All in a Day’s Work

Not much to update on today. I’ve been creating what I hope is a better home and work routine; setting aside time to write and create the comic a little bit at a time each day rather than trying to do one long creation sprint Tuesday before the comic needs to be...

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An Adventure Awaits

Let’s do an end of the month check in! January was a long month of exhaustion. Two weeks after Alice’s surgery we found ourselves in a car accident. Everyone was okay. The car was not. And I ended up with a mild concussion leaving me pretty darn tired for a total of...

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National Compliment Day

Today is National Compliment Day! Be awesome and pay someone a compliment. Give yourself a compliment. Tell a stranger that they are wearing a cool hat - preferably if they are actually wearing a hat, otherwise you’re just making a joke at someone else’s expense,...

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The Sith Named Ted

Friends are lovely things to have. When you’re stuck, they help you get unstuck and bring you Hawaiian pizza and root beer, and sometimes fancy rum. They swear like sailors and love little Dinosaurs. They have fabulous book suggestions and speak in movie quotes. And...

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Roll ‘Em Up

I haven’t played in a role-playing game in YEARS. RPGs were my intro into the wonderful world of gaming at age 13. I was in a Werewolf the Apocalypse LARP (Live Action Role-Play for those not in the know) and became instantly hooked. There was creativity and a vibrant...

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