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Geekasaurus is a silly little comic about a geeky family. Specifically, my geeky family, and all the antics and hijinks of my daughter. You’ll read along as we go on adventure after adventure, documenting the unexpected chuckles (and sometimes hard truths) along the way. As my husband and I learn to navigate being new parents, I’ll be sharing the hilarity, one comic at a time.

Kali Moulton

Look At Us, All Making Friends and Whatnot


Dancing Queen

Alice loves ABBA. This discovery was made by accident when Wayne put on Netflix and scrolled down to Mamma Mia! She didn’t stop dancing.  Normally I enjoy adding comedy to my posts. I like to crack groanworthy jokes in the hopes that it makes at...

Best Intentions

I make resolutions. I just don’t share them. That way, when I ultimately fail, no one knows ...  To read the latest Geekasaurus, visit GeekMom.Com every Wednesday.  You can check out more Geekasaurus by following me on Instagram. Send me Mom Fuel...

A Little Something

🎵Have a holly, jolly Yulemas! It’s the best time of the year!🎵  Things were quiet at home this year. We were all nursing colds (especially me). Alice had a mountain of gifts to open. She pretty much pooped out halfway through, but she really loves...

T’was The Toddler Tree of Yulemas

Toddlers + Yulemas trees = temptation. We ended up with having a basically naked tree. Yeah, part of it was being exhausted parents not finding the time to pull out decorations and sort out the toddler safe ornaments. Who am I kidding? That’s...

Making Memories

We’ve joined the “parents who have pictures of their children crying on Santa’s lap” club.  To read the latest Geekasaurus, visit GeekMom.Com every Wednesday.  You can check out more Geekasaurus by following me on Instagram.  

Understanding Comics

The Scott McCloud books are part of the reason why I became a cartoonist in the first place. If you love Geekasaurus, you can give him a nice bit of credit. They’re enjoyable to read and very informative, but it an accessible way. Each page is...

Bad Parenting Tips: Episode 3

As a kid it seemed totally normal to let a small child wander around the world, accompanied only by animals that he or she would make fight other animals …


I don’t know why this is. It just seems like a universal rule.  To read the latest Geekasaurus, visit GeekMom.Com every Wednesday.  You can check out more Geekasaurus by following me on Instagram.  

Scavenger Hunt

Good luck to The Legion of Leaches +1 in your scavenger hunt! I hope you get ALL the points! 


This is a tribute to Stan Lee. 

You Are More

My little Dinosaur is beautiful. She’s an amazingly precious looking child and that brings her a lot of attention. It seems like everyone loves a cute baby. So I hope you don’t misunderstand when I say that I don’t tell her very often that she is adorable. She hears...

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Vomit always appears without warning. One minute everything is fine, and then with an abraca-bleh, we all magically appear in the bathtub. Once we’re clean, life goes back to normal with playing and running around as if nothing had happened. Kids are awesome that way....

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Sometimes when we have a million things to work on, my husband and I put unrealistic expectations on how our plans will unfold. For example, this weekend we were somehow going to clean the house, build a Ghostbusters roof rack for the minivan, sort through over 1000...

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Bad Parenting Tips: Episode 1

Parents get a lot of advice. Some of it is super great and very helpful. Other stuff (like sleep when the baby sleeps ... seriously?) is useful the first time you hear it and then gets repeated SOOOOO freaking often that you just want to strangle the next person who...

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A Whole New World

This is Alice. Alice sees fantastic worlds over the edges of beds. Alice marvels at things she’s never seen before and celebrates that rather than allowing herself to become complacent with the day-to-day humdrum toils in life. Be like Alice. 

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I’ve Made It This Far

Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe taking a huge leap into a creative career was irresponsible. Illogical. Completely nuts. Maybe my longing for happiness shouldn’t have steamrolled my sense of duty to a stable job and steady paycheck. Maybe my dreams should have stayed in a...

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