I dunno. She can’t get enough of them. If the cat doesn’t finish her treats, Alice will sneak behind and eat them for her. Whenever she grabs the bag, she expects to get them as her snack. I don’t give them to her. I know the packaging is colorful and has “Seuss” on them (Seuss is out cat) but I do not intentionally feed my child soft salmon kitty treats.

Of course, now we’re dealing with the fact that Seuss is older. She’s 16 and has a tumor in her face. The vet says that she probably has anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months left. We’re enjoying the time that we have. But I think it’s going to be hardest when Alice is wandering around the house looking for Seuss after Seuss is no longer there. Seuss didn’t really like Alice at first. Now that they’ve finally developed a friendly relationship, I have to think about what we’re going to do shortly when Seuss is gone.

We’ve decided that we won’t get a new pet right away. We’ll wait until Alice can pick her own pet and help with some of the responsibilities, like playing with the pet and feeding the pet. Maybe we’ll get an interim fish. Or a hermit crab. I’ve always wanted a hermit crab.

I dunno. I’m rambly today.

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